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We can all feel isolated at one time or another. For some this can be debilitating and prevents them engaging with society and those around them.


To fade into the background don't want to stand out
Don't want to be found out
Walls close in take my breath away
A sea of faces busy places

Blackpool isn't just 'kiss me quick'

Listen, Look, Engage & React. 
Take a moment to look around you, stop and think about the area you live in, the people and places you pass every day. You may see some things you had not noticed before. 

Are there things that need to change? Can you make a difference to the community you live in? 

It's no good talking about it, that's not gonna make things happen. 
You gotta take action, that's what's gonna make things happen.

Love your neighbour and be a positive light in the world.

The Blue Penguin Collective


The Blue Penguin Collective is the name given to the project by Jules Bryant to showcase his socially challenging and engaging sound art. 


The Collective consists of: Artists; Musicians; Creatives; Performers; Instruments; Sights; Sounds; Audience and the Performance Space.  The aim is to bring complex and sometimes sensitive issues into the public consciousness such as mental health, suicide, stigmatisation and prejudice.


Listen, Look, Engage and React.


Come join and be part of the collective making positive change in a challenging world.

Sound clip Examples

3 examples of recent collaborations with artists that support the aims of The Blue Penguin Collective. These paintings are from the very talented Janet Hartley and are explorations in various aspects of mental health.

End of the Road

Over 6000 people die by suicide in the UK each year and more than 75% of these are male.

End of the Road uses images and site specific found sounds to challenge the stigma around the subject of suicide.
End of the Road uses a collection of images from a motorway bridge combined with site specific found sounds and audio effects to create a challenging and thought provoking piece of art. Stigma can prevent those with suicide ideation seeking help. This piece seeks to address stigma by encouraging public engagement with the subject, particularly the fact that 75% of suicides in the UK are by men. This ratio is represented in the piece by the repeating pattern of 4 high strings notes followed by 12 lower notes.

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