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A collection of commissions and past works


Audio piece 'Aural Refraction' was selected for diffused in an installation during the Art & Science Days in Saint-Etienne

Following a call from MusInfo to respond to The theme Mirages as represented in science and the arts in general, and in music in particular. The works must either take their inspiration from scientific knowledge, or apply this knowledge in their compositional process. My piece Aural Refraction was one of 12 pieces selected (only UK piece) to be diffused for an installation at the Art & Science Days in Saint -Etienne 2020. Unfortunately due to the Covid 19 crisis this event has been cancelled but the pieces will be kept and rolled over to the 2021 event.


Presentation of Andante Novella by Amanda Jane Sutton:

Commissioned (with Pip Bryant-Funnell) to produce the accompanying soundtrack

Andante Novella was produced in 2017 in a collaboration between Jules Bryant, Pip Bryant-Funnell and the Artist Amanda Sutton. This was presented at 2 events by Amanda Sutton; at the CCA in Glasgow on 15th Nov and 17-18th Nov at the Sound Thoughts Signal Festival in Glasgow. (see 2017 listings for a video of the piece).

Exhibition of '2 Weeks', 'On the inside', 'Ask but listen', 'Just an ordinary face' & 'Spem, inops, nequam, audite'

at 'In my minds eye' exhibition by STAR - Mental Health Support Group in Blackpool

"Last Saturday was a very important and significant day in the continuing development of the STAR Blackpool Mental Health Support Group. It was the opening night of the group's first public art exhibition outside their home base and it was an incredibly successful event at South Shore's Art Break Hotel. The event was very well attended and the responses to the artworks on display were universally positive. This was, however, far more than a mere art exhibition - it was a powerful message about the value of art as therapy and, more significantly, of the importance of peer support for the challenges that mental health issues bring to people's everyday lives. As such the important role that 'In My Mind's Eye' plays in challenging perceptions and raising awareness and understanding cannot be overstated and congratulations must go to every member of the group for making their voice heard in such a powerful way."

(STAR - Organiser)

2 pieces - 2 weeks and Hopeless were selected for broadcast on 'Sonic Darts' a radio show on Resonance FM

Following a call for Sound Art that responded to the subject of mental health I submitted '2 Weeks' and 'Hopeless' for consideration and they were both selected and broadcast on the Sonic Darts radio show on Resonance FM on 104.4 Fm and online on 5th Nov 2018 @10pm


Andante Novella by Amanda Jane Sutton:

Commissioned (with Pip Bryant-Funnell) to produce the accompanying soundtrack


(Amanda's notes) This is my completed third year first semester project. 
My work takes a critical view of society as we dive head first into a digital age. This sound installation is constructed with three months collected data from mundane life. Ultimately identifying algorithms (patterns in human behaviour) to produce this sound piece. Looking at sound and the effects on a person in ways, such as Episodic memory, visual imagery, and music expectancy. The final piece has been cut to vinyl and is meant to be heard in a open environment watching the world go by. Special thanks to Jules Bryant and Pip Bryant-Funnell. For all your knowledge and Support.


The following piece was released on the 'Utterances' album

In response to a call for work under the title 'Utterances' seeking pieces of 2 minutes in duration, I produced a piece and it was selected for release on the album. It sits amongst a wide variety of styles of pieces from composers from all over the world.


Open call for works to be exhibited at Harris Museum and Gallery in Preston

'End of the Road' a video collaboration with Neil Carruthers was exhibited at the Harris Museum and Gallery for 1 month at end of 2016. This piece featured as part of the artwork exploring the "Sound Art and the stigma of suicide ideation' project. A questionnaire was proivded as part of the exhibition seeking personal insight from males with experience of suicide ideation.

The following piece was selected to be played during Radiophrenia

In response to a call for work I produced a piece 'Monoliths' which is inspired by the light sculpture work by Stewart Houlker-Collinge. It was selected and was aired live on radio on Friday 2nd Sept between 11pm-12pm. Radiophrenia is a temporary art radio station – a two-week exploration into current trends in sound and transmission arts.

Find out more here

Live Performance  - ICAN Showcase Blackpool Winter Gardens


A live performance under The Blue Penguin Collective banner. Live sound performed to 2 videos - "Blackpool isn't just kiss me quick" (video collaboration with Neil Carruthers) and "Isolation"

End of the Road - Video collaboration


Proud to announce that my first collaboration with Phtographer Neil Carruthers was exhibited on 9th May 2016 at Blink Physical Theatres Mental Health Awareness event in Preston. A great event with loads of different creatives appearing and presenting material. 


Rising Forces - Art Climate - (performed on the WaterWheel platform)

Written in response to a call for work from Red Cross Climate Center and CEIARtE-UNTREF, the Electronic Arts Experimentation and Research Centre at the National University of Tres de Febrero of Argentina. It was for acousmatic pieces to be used in highlighting global climate issues, in this case, the rising sea level. 

This piece uses a single oboe note that is then multi-tracked and the pitch gradually increased by each repetition until raised by 1/2 an octave. The idea of the delay effects is to cause a pulsing and wave like rise and fall to signify the sea.


The following piece was released on the 'Open The Window' album

In response to a call for work under the title 'Open The Window' I produced a piece and it was selected for release on the album. It sits amongst a wide variety of styles of pieces from composers from all over the world.


This piece was released as part of CIRCE: The Black Cut project.

I responded to a call for work for the CIRCE: The Black Cut project and was lucky enough to have my piece accepted for the album. The piece sits amongst some amazing pieces of work from artists from across the globe.


The following video shows the live performance of 2 new pieces presented at the Winter Sound Festival 2015

2 emotionally charged pieces performed at Wintersound 2015.

The first titled "Aylan" the second "Home". 


The combination of sound and image can have a powerful impact and invoke emotional and physical responses. The 2 pieces seek to explore recent world events through sound and image. He does not suggest a political standpoint or solution but merely asks that the audience "Look, Listen, Reflect and React”. The pieces reflect the composers’ minimalist style and remain true to his musical position of:

“Structurally simple yet sonically complex”

Two fixed media pieces were also presented at a different venue during Winter Sound 2015

Jules Bryant composes pieces of a minimalist nature using few instruments and pitch changes. He relies on the interactions between the harmonics and sonic effects to create ‘interesting’ soundscapes. The 2 pieces presented are both experimentations using the ‘Korg Volca Bass’ synthesiser, which is a technology area unfamiliar to the composer and therefore the pieces capture the explorative nature of his compositional method.

A Sound art installation commissioned for the Korova Arts Cafe and Bar Preston, July 2015

As part of an exhibition by Justine Flynn Jules was commissioned to provide an installation piece at the venue. The piece chosen involved the installation of 453 pages of A4, each containing details of one of the British Service Personnel who died during the Afghanistan campaign. 

Programme Notes:


"453 British service personnel died serving in the Afghanistan campaign.


453…….just a number and hard to quantify…. to put into perspective…… to appreciate just how many that really was. When heard in the news or read in the pages of a newspaper the digits lose their context, so easily forgotten and glossed over.


The artist has tried to bring the number of fatalities into greater context through the volume or space required to display the pictures and the time it takes to count from 1 to 453.


The artist wishes the visitor to linger with the pictures for one complete cycle of audio, reading the details of those who died and engaging with the scale of loss during the conflict. We cannot comprehend the scale of loss that the friends and families of those who died suffer, but by this small act of remembrance we keep alive the memory of our servicemen and women who made the ultimate sacrifice.


There is a pad provided for the visitors where the artist would like to capture the thoughts and feelings of those that have interacted with the installation and these may be used in future exhibitions."

The following videos were presented at the Future Sound Festival in Preston in May 2015

The videos were a collaboration between Jules Bryant (Music) and Simon Botterill (Video).


The first piece captures the journey through my experimental and development process whilst working with a new piece of musical equipment, an Ebow for electric guitar. The result is a track that consists of just 2 musical pitches on the guitar and is a musical record of my compositional process, capturing the experimentation and improvisation as I develop confidence with the sounds and effects and shape the piece. The video accentuates the journey and provides an experimentation in sound sculpture. The visualisation of sound waves develops the idea further and focuses on the tonal differences between the 2 guitar notes and the different effects that can be achieved using the Ebow.


The second piece is video representation of my piece '4 notes for trumpet'.

Simple patterns and structures can reveal unusual and unexpected delights sonically when the sounds are paired and contrasted. Four Notes for Trumpet explores the harmonic richness of the instrument using a simple note pattern with a maximum of 2 pitches being played at any one time until the final section of the piece.


A trumpet was recorded playing each of the 4 pitches and then each were looped into a track for each pitch using a digital workstation to obtain the extended durations of each note. The 4 tracks were then worked together into a simple pattern for the duration of the piece.


The following pieces were presented at the Winter Sound Festival 2014

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