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As a sound artist I work with both audio and visual media to create combinations that call for deep listening and engagment. My work often uses video or photography as the visual element, occasionally the work is created as a live location piece utilising the sounds naturally generated on-site.


Most of the pieces I create could be described as minimalist and experimental; consisting of a variety of instruments and recording processes to manipulate the sound. I am greatly influenced by extra-muscial sources, often finding inspiration from world events or personal circumstances.  I create artwork that explores challenging subjects, calling for engagement and deep listening from the observer. I don't impose a personal position or view but rather seek to  cause an emotional response through the artwork.


I work with found sounds as well as traditional instruments and voices. I enjoy the challenge of working across a number of musical areas, and am just as comfortable working with electric guitars as scoring a piece for orchestral instruments.


I am interested in exploring new ways of working, creating new sounds and visual combinations and textures with instruments that I may not be familiar with. I also seek to work with different artists and am keen to share and grow professionally in partnership.

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"There are pieces waiting to be produced, that will only come from me, from my unique collection of experiences and perspective.

If I don't produce them they will be lost forever."

Jules Bryant

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